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FL Graphic ideas

Embroidery, Laser Engraving, 3d Printing, Screen Printing, Tufting


This are some of our custom services and works we do

Hat Logo embroidery

We do all kinds of custom embroidery, lettering, logos, graphics, on different kind of material and sizes, T-shirts, Shirts, Jackets, Hats, etc.

Screen printing on a tshirt

We have Silk screen printing from one color and on, different materials, fabric, cups, mugs, glasses, and many other promotional items

Example of custom  sublimation on mugs

We make all kind of sublimation on many different items like Fabric, keychains, Mugs, etc.

Custom Rug

We can make custom rugs, it can be logo, text or any image.

Custom Keychain

We have different kid of lasers for engraving and cutting on different materials.

3D Print

We have 3d printing service and different kind of figures for printing

Wood carving

We offer custom wood carving

Imagen de la impresion de una lampara en 3D

about us

We are small business, giving you quality products in a fast turnaround

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